Reveal the ~/Library Folder

In this episode of Minute GarageBand,

we’re going to show you how to make the Library folder within your home folder visible, quickly and easily.

GarageBand V10 Tutorials
GarageBand V10 Tutorials

Ever since version 10.7 of OS X, the Library folder in your home directory (~/Library) has been hidden by default.

There were key combinations, or terminal commands to open it or reveal it, but OS X version 10.9,

also known as Mavericks, offers a simple checkbox, as long as you know one simple trick.

GarageBand V10 Tutorials
GarageBand V10 Tutorials

If you pick the Show View Options menu item in Finder you may see a variety of options,

depending on how you are viewing your files.

In column view it should look something like this However if you open your Home folder,

a new option appears, Show Library Folder.

Tick this item, and your Library folder will no longer be hidden.

Here is the same checkbox in other views…

GarageBand V10 Tutorials
GarageBand V10 Tutorials

This can be useful when trying to troubleshoot a problem,

For instance, if you are instructed to remove GarageBand’s preferences files due to corruption.

Of course, if you don’t need to fix something,

It’s probably a good idea to leave this folder hidden as mucking around with its contents could cause problems if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

That’s all we have for this episode we hope you found it useful