Duplicate Regions

In this episode of Minute GarageBand, we’re going show you several ways to duplicate regions There are three simple methods for duplicating recorded regions in GarageBand, two of them are very common, and one is fairly unique.

GarageBand Tutorials
GarageBand Tutorials

The first and most obvious method is to copy and paste.

Select any region, use the Copy menuItem, move the playhead to where you wish the copy to be placed and use the Paste menuItem.
You can, however, do this all in a single step.

You can hold down the option key and drag any region to duplicate it.

You can even option drag more than one region to duplicate several in a single step.

AND, you’re not restricted to moving within the original track, you can drag into any track of the same type.

In other words, you can’t drop an audio region from a “real” track into a software,”, or a “software” region onto a “real” track.

Finally, GarageBand offers a special type of track called the Arrangement Track.

This track allows you to break up sections of your song into parts, for instance, an Intro, a verse, a bridge, etc.

In this example, we’ve already created several of these Arrangement sections, and we can reveal them by showing the Arrangement Track.

GarageBand Tutorials
GarageBand Tutorials

Using the arrangement track, if we wanted to copy the entire second verse and place it between the lead and break sections, just like duplicating a region, hold down the option key and drag the arrangement region to the position that you desire.

That’s all we have for this episode we hope you found it useful.