Duplicate Automation Control Points

In this episode of Minute GarageBand, we’re going show you how to duplicate automation points within a GarageBand track.

GarageBand Tutorials
GarageBand Tutorials

Selecting and duplicating automation control points is very easy in GarageBand.

There are two methods of selection, you can either drag-select by clicking in a blank area of the automation timeline and dragging, being careful not to click on the automation line itself, while also not clicking the part of the track that holds regions, or clicking on an individual control point.

If you want to select more than one point using this method, hold down the shift key before clicking on additional control points.

You can also use the shift key with the drag method to select different sets of points.

GarageBand Tutorials
GarageBand Tutorials

While using either method, if you accidentally wind up clicking on the automation line itself, thus creating a new unneeded control point, simply press the delete key to remove it.

Once you have all the points you wish to duplicate selected, hold down the option key, click on any one of the control points and drag to create copies of them.

Additionally, there’s another trick you can use to duplicate control points, especially if you want to duplicate the region to which they belong.

Turn on the Lock Automation Curves to Regions menuItem. Then, you can hold down the option key and drag the region itself, duplicating both it as well as its automation curve.

If you only wanted the automation points using this method, turn off the Lock Automation Curves to Regions menuItem after the duplication, and then press the delete key to remove the region leaving just the automation curve’s control points.

That’s all we have for this episode we hope you found it useful.