Change Imported File’s Tempo in GarageBand

In this edition of Minute GarageBand, we’re going to show you how to change the tempo of an imported file in version 6 of GarageBand.

GarageBand Tutorials
GarageBand Tutorials

You may want to do this if the file you’re importing has a slightly different tempo then that of your project, or perhaps you’d like to slow down the tempo of a file in order to learn how it was played.

To import an audio file into GarageBand you can simply drag the file into a “Real” instrument track, or any blank area of the timeline At this point the audio will not respond to a change in tempo In order to enable this function we need to add one more step With the region selected, click the scissor icon to open the editor pane, and turn on the Follow Tempo & Pitch checkBox Now if you change the tempo of the project, the audio file’s tempo will change along with it.

GarageBand Tutorials

If you’re using an earlier version of GarageBand, there’s one more step that’s required, but you also get an added feature.

In version 5 you need to change the imported region from Orange to Purple in order for it to respond to changes in tempo.

This is done by pressing the control key along with the option key and the letter G and then clicking the region.

Now, like in version 6 and later, you can open the editor pane, tick the FollowTempo & pitch checkBox, and the imported audio will respond to changes you make in tempo.

And the bonus feature is that you can also change the pitch of an imported file in version 5, this feature was apparently removed in version 6.

That’s all we have for this episode we hope you found it useful,